Development Process

We will send a team of dedicated and experienced developers to your company, to get a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs. After we have put together a proposal based on our assessment of your requirements, we will then confirm our software design with you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. The actual development process of your software system – from application functions, reports and assessments, to user interface design - will begin immediately after contracts are signed, so you know that both sides are in complete agreement on all aspects of the project.

Throughout the development lifecycle, we will maintain regular communication with you to ensure that your expectations are met. After the first phase of development is complete, we will then revisit your business premises to conduct on-site testing. If necessary, we will then carry out further modifications before the final implementation stage of installation, deployment and training. We will then follow up with the software maintenance phase.

From start to end, the entire development process takes approximately two months to complete, and price begins from HKD$38,000.


Our 10-Steps Software Development Methodology

Software Warranty and Maintenance
Initial client contact and system requirement assessment
  Face-to-Face meeting with our expert technical team to discuss solutions and consolidate plans   Confirmation of our proposed plans, contract signing and payment of deposit

  Systems development phase begins

  Rapid development system - 1st cycle of development
Initial testing of product with client

  System modifications as needed   Implement deliverables for client-side testing, installation, deployment and training   Payment of Remaining Balance
  Systems Maintenance